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Please Note

All camp sites for  2017/2018 are fully booked for all WA School holidays including OCT but do have limited accommodation for
for April , July  and October School Holidays 2017 .

Wait list for 2017 holidays opens 1st FEB 2017, wait list for 2018 opens 1st FEB 2018

Call or email to get the latest availability.

On requesting a reservation, you are most welcome to also request which site number you would like to have. We cannot guarantee you will get your requested site number, however we will try our best to accommodate you on your site of choice.

The Ocean Front Sites are extremely popular, and we encourage people wanting to stay on these sites to book in advance. (Bookings available up to 2 years in advance!) April through to October prove to be very popular months, and you may need to book well ahead.

To ensure the comfort and safety of everyone in the park, there is a maximum of 2 adults per site unless previously authorized by the Park’s management. Up to 4 children (ages 6 – 15) are permitted per site with 1 vehicle only.

Throughout school holidays, there is a minimum of 7 night stays starting from Saturday to Saturday. New Villas require Sunday to Sunday bookings only, throughout school holiday periods.

Terms and Conditions

1. A $50 (campsite) &/or $100 (cabin/villa) non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required for each new reservation. Full payment is due 28 days prior to arrival and no refunds are available after this time. You should note there are no refunds in the event of inclement weather or cyclones. In the event of a cyclone warning for Coral Bay, existing guests must follow the directions of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

2. Check-in anytime from 11am for Sites and 2pm for Cabins/Villas. No check-ins allowed after 8pm at night.

3. Maximum 2 adults and 4 children per site, unless under prior management approval. Last minute additional guests will not be approved without prior management consent.

4. Maximum of 1 vehicle per site.

5. Ocean front sites cater only for Caravans, Camper vans or Motor homes. (No tents, swags or soft roof camper trailers.) Guests “sleeping in annexes” must be off the ground and in fully enclosed annexes.

6. We do our best to accommodate site preferences, however we do NOT guarantee site numbers.

7. Prices are subject to change without notice. E & OE.

8. Sites need to be set up 1.5 meters within your boundaries so that there is a 3 meter gap between all main living structures.

9. No Tarps on the ground. Please only use shade cloth or management approved matting, if unsure – please ask at check-in.

10. WATER is in limited supply. We do supply fresh water points for drinking and cooking. Our showers and laundries are also on fresh water. The site water is artesian and cannot be used for drinking or cooking. Please FILL YOUR TANKS prior to arriving in Coral Bay. Cabins and Villas are on full fresh water.

11. Strictly quiet time in the park after 10pm at night. Guests causing disruptive noise after this time will be asked to vacate the park.

12. No PETS.

These regulations are in place to ensure all our guests have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Please drive safely and contact us if you have any further queries. A full list of park rules and regulations is available on the Rules and Regulations page of the website.