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Where do I go snorkeling?
You can snorkel and see fish and coral anywhere off the beach. Some people like to leave their towels and gear near the Kayak hut, then walk north up the beach to the “5 knot” sign and float back around with the slow current. You can also take a kayak, glass bottom boat, catamaran or aqua rush boat to get out further.

Are there stingers?
Usually not! We rarely ever have stingers inside the reef. However, if you take a manta ray or whale shark tours into open water, they will provide you with wetsuits.

Are the currents dangerous?
Not usually. Generally there is little to no current. However on windier days the current can be a bit stronger and usually will bring you back to shore.

Where can I fish?
Fishing is prohibited inside the marine park zones, however there are plenty of other areas you can access to fish both from land and boat. The department of Parks and Recreation has a information center in Coral Bay that will provide you with the fishing zones and the park office has additional brochures.

Where can I buy petrol?

Coral Bay now has a 24 hour 7 days a week Fuel Swipe Card Facility. It has moved from its previous location at the Coral Bay Shopping Village to Banksia Drive (on the way to the Monck Head Boat Ramp Facility). The Facility only accepts card payments  and accepts most major bank cards, credit cards & Caltex Star Cards.

How can I get to Coral Bay without driving?
Qantas and Virgin both do flights to Exmouth (Learmonth) airport. From there it is a 1 hr, 15 minute drive to Coral Bay. There is a bus service (Coastal Adventure Tours 9948 5190) or you can hire a car. Most people take the bus, as everything in Coral bay is in walking distance.

What medical help is available?
Coral bay has a nursing post that is attended Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm. However there is only a doctor one day a week that is specifically for the local residents in town. Outside of these hours, for medical help you need to call Health Direct and they will either assist on the phone. In an emergency as always, call 000.

What about a Pharmacy?
The nearest Pharmacy is in Exmouth. You can fax your scripts from the Ningaloo Dive shop, and if it’s done before 12noon, you can usually get what you need delivered for free back to the Dive Shop that afternoon.

What do I need to bring if I am staying in a cabin or villa?
All of our accommodation is fully self-contained and the Villa’s also have their own washing machine. Linen and towels are provided on all beds. The kitchen has hotplates, microwave, pots and pans, crockery and cutlery. The lounge has TVs, DVD players and lounge chairs. There is also a dining setting and outdoor setting. Most people just bring their own beach towels, snorkeling gear and DVDs to watch.

Our park is a fresh water Laundry $4 per load (4x$1 coins) , however our villas and penthouse have their own private facilities.

Where can I hire snorkeling gear?
You can buy snorkeling gear from our general store at the front of the park, however all of the tourist companies will hire snorkeling gear at a minimal costs.

What is the TV reception like?
The only way to access TV in Coral bay when you are camping is to have your own satellite dish. Our cabins and Villas are linked up to 3 channels. Most sports events are broadcast at the Ningaloo Reef Resort if you don’t want to miss your favorite game.

Is there fresh water?
Our park is the only provider of fresh water to all of their ablutions and accommodation. However the site water is artesian bore water and is not suitable for drinking or cooking. It is safe for washing dishes and showering in. However some people prefer not to run it through their hot water systems in their vans and use the fresh water showers in our ablutions instead. We have 3 fresh water taps in the park that you can fill your bottles and containers from. However you cannot fill your tanks for your vans and campers.

Where can I fill my tanks with fresh water?
It is recommended that you fill your tanks prior to arriving in Coral bay. Most people use the Exmouth and Carnarvon visitor’s centers to fill up. In the bay, it is possible to fill your tanks at Bayview Caravan Park, where you pay approximately 10c per litre.

Are there any restaurants?
YES, there are 3 great restaurants in Coral Bay. Fins cafe is open all day, every day at the front of the park, and has beautiful El Fresco meals. The Reef Cafe, also has great meals and pizzas. Lastly the Ningaloo Reef Resort (the pub) has counter meals.

During the day, the Coral Bay Bakery is open and is famous for its breads and sweets.

Can I buy alcohol?
Yes – the Ningaloo Reef resort has a bar and does takeaway drinks as well.

What about food shopping?
At the front of the park, there is the Coral Bay Shopping Village. They provide a large variety of groceries, frozen meats and great fresh vegetables. They also sell fresh sliced bread and rolls each day, made from the Coral Bay Bakery.

Do you have a playground or pool?
No, we are located directly across from a very safe swimming beach and we also have lots of grassy areas and a volleyball net for kids to play.

What phone reception is available?
Only Telstra and Optus work in Coral Bay. There are also phone boxes at the roadside to the front of the park.

Where can I get Wi-Fi access?
If you have your own hotspot with Telstra or Optus, you can connect to your own wi-fi. Alternatively you can access wi-fi from the Ningaloo Reef resort. They will charge you for password to connect to their wi-fi. The Ningaloo Reef Resort and Fins Cafe both have computers you can access with internet facilities.

What is the weather like?
Check out the B.O.M or Willy weather websites, they have yearly averages for the area. Coral bay does not have a dedicated temperature station, however if you average temperatures for Carnarvon and Learmonth, you will get a good approximate for Coral Bay. In summer months, it is always recommended to bring your own additional shade.